Great family biz!
When you focus on ONE thing & do it RIGHT, youre bound to get noticed the team at Pikes Peak Indian Motorcycle (PPI) are dialed IN only on Indian motorcycles, and it shows. Despite buying my bike elsewhere 2yrs ago, after moving closer to this sales/service dealer they have treated me like a brother & my bike like it was theirs. Really. The couple of times I went there for service, my bike returned on schedule fixed & clean. And recently they knocked it outta the park for me I was riding to work 40mi away and a cooling system leak happened; the engine got hot as I took the next exit & stopped. It was 6pm & the PPI team was closing for the day I called them & service writer Connor said, hold tight Ill come get ya & take you to work. He arrived & advised me that coworker Roger was on the way with a truck and would get the bike back to the shop. Then Connor drove me 40mi to work! Later I sent a message to Owner/Manager, Lorenzo & Tito praising their people. Their reply: We have the old fashion way of dealing with things. These guys are a great team! More importantly we need to get your bike fixed! Boom I went off to work a few days then returned to a fixed bike. Gotta luv a group of dedicated motorcycle pros who take great pride in service along with sales. And theyre all just rockstar good people HIGHLY recommend Pikes Peak Indian at ColoSprings CO
Greg Kremer
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