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Absolutely thrilled with my first motorcycle dealership experience! From the moment I stepped in, it felt like walking into a welcoming haven for motorcycle enthusiasts. What sets this dealership apart is the genuine and personable staff no hovering, no pushy sales tactics, just authentic conversations. Unlike the typical car dealer experience where commission seems to be the only priority, this place focuses on creating a connection. The staff treated me like a fellow enthusiast, not just a customer. It was refreshing to engage with people who share a passion for motorcycles rather than being pressured to make a quick purchase. My intention was to buy, and I left not only with a fantastic bike but also with the best purchasing experience of my life. The warmth and hospitality of this dealership's family-like atmosphere made it a memorable journey. Proudly joining the Indian motorcycle community, I wholeheartedly recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a motorcycle. 100% satisfaction and an owner who can't stop raving about the exceptional service. If you're considering buying a motorcycle, look no further this place is the epitome of a top-notch dealership experience. (Employee: Christina Griffin, Guadalupe Ceballos, Vinnie Perez)
Jonah Doucet
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